Monday, October 27, 2008

Greenberg book for sale as e-book

I've just noticed that the Greenberg book is available as an e-book. One option you can exercise if you are keen to read the book soon is to buy it from this site and use your Waterstones voucher for other books, for example for Christmas presents. The special offer on the site is $38 if you click the Buy as eBook button. This is about £28 so you would make £7!

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Mike Taperell said...

Your a good salesman! I now have the book, the link takes you to Apress who are a very reputable firm of publishers in America. You can pay by credit card or paypal so I chose paypal and it cost me £25.36. (The pdf is password protected with your email address so for anyone else who wants to buy it this way, make sure you choose a short email address as you will be typing it out a lot!)