Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Progress Oct 22nd

The volunteers for this project are beginning to come in: both students and ALs. I made the mistake of saying in my Sesame article that we were looking for students. In truth anyone with a knowledge of Java would do. This coming week I will be:

  • Processing the offers of help.
  • Writing a sample 2.5 k of words, probably of a section around 20-30.
  • Developing some podcasts. I have recently bought some glitzy podcast equipment for my department and am keen to use it.
The last activity is important: although the project is focussed on the development of a book there are a number of other end-products. These are:
  • An online book incorporating text, computer art and podcasts.
  • A series of computer programs which can be used for illustrative purposes.
  • An e-learning course.

So far, few problems. The only one that I had not anticipated was that a number of mainland Europe students are keen to get involved. The book token that we are sending out is for Waterstones. I am not sure that Waterstones cover mainland Europe so I am offering these students two options:

  • We buy the book and ship it by parcel post
  • They buy it and we send them the money.

That’s all for now. I will be updating this blog on a near weekly basis.


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