Saturday, November 1, 2008

Changes this week

From this week on my secretary, the fantastic Catherine, will be monitoring the email that is sent to the mass writing email address. Anything that needs to be placed on the web site such as the address of a blog or a change of email address she will do. Catherine is much more accurate with data than I am; this will improve the overall quality of this project. My role for the next five months is to answer your queries and provide support. It would help Catherine and I if you put something in the header or the first line of an email along the lines 'For Darrel' if you want my help. I will usually respond in a couple of days; often the same day. I will be occasionally away from email but I will post my absences on this blog.

I have looked at about a dozen blogs today and am really impressed with the energy that you are putting into this project. Makes me feel very humble and has reinforced my feeling that committing to the OU was the best decision I have ever made in my life (35 years ago). Enjoy the week.

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