Thursday, November 13, 2008


The library has asked me to point out a few things about Safari.

How many sections can any user print before Safari considers this "unreasonable use"?
There is no page-number limit on printing. As long as no automated software is used to download entire books, users won’t be locked out. With that in mind, Safari is not intended to be a tool with which users can print entire chapters or books. A statement on usage is available within the site.

You can print page by page. Will Safari detect you if you print page after page after page (as I know it will if you used automatic software to download sections)?
No, there is no detection of pages printed, but users of Safari are expected to follow standard "fair use" definitions. More detail can be found at this link ; however there isn't a specific rule on number of pages that can be printed.

Is it possible to download and print all the chapters of books in Safari?
Safari is a reference service and is not intended to be a replacement for purchasing the book if someone wants to have it on the shelf. Furthermore, if someone does try to systematically download every page of a book the system will consider it abuse and shut down the abuser's session.

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